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Ten days and nine nights Adventure

A unique route that includes the best motorcycle roads in Morocco, crossing the mountains of the Middle and High Atlas and the desert. We cross the Atlas Mountains two times, take the three main passes and follow some of the old trade routes into the Sahara.

Daily distances from 140 km to 300 km (with a 427 km daily). A typical driving day starts at 09:30 or 10:00 and we reach our destination around 18:00. We plan two optional rest days at the pool/beach in Morocco. When you book, you will also receive a route book with a detailed description of each day's stage, highlights, gas stations, meeting points, and accommodation addresses and phone numbers. Our route is considered the best in Morocco and takes you to the highlights of the country on the best motorcycle roads. We visit the Sahara, the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas and the coast. The riding conditions in Morocco are exciting and challenging due to the varied terrain, dry atmosphere and strong sunlight, donkeys, camels, etc., high mountain passes, canyons and high desert plains.

Please note that there is no guarantee of weather conditions. Overnight accommodations and meal plans are subject to change.

  • Volubis Roman site
  • Middle Atlas Mountains (cedar forests and Barbary macaques)
  • Mountains and passes of the High Atlas
  • Merzouga at the edge of the Sahara (the highest dune in North Africa)
  • Ait Ben Haddou (Unesco World Heritage Site)
  • Ouarzazate - film studios for great films like Kundun, Gladiator, etc.
  • Marrakech (the largest imperial city in Morocco) and a day of sightseeing
  • Tour on the Atlantic coast
Included in the price
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • One night in the Sahara
  • One hour camel trek
  • Dinner and show in Marrakech (Chez Ali Fantazia)
  • Tour guide (Arabic, French, English, Swedish)
  • Reserved parking

If we are more then ten person, service truck included.

Not included
  • Drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fuel
  • Medical or accident insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal travels
  • Repair costs
  • Repatriation insurance

Things that are not listed as included

  • 1200 per person for a double room
  • 1440 per person for a single room
cancellation policy
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 40% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the reservation is canceled up to 30 days before the arrival date.
  • The balance (60%) is payable upon arrival in Tangier.

Day 1Tangier

In the north of Morocco, on the coasts of Tangier where the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans converge, you will discover a unique city bearing a multicultural heritage.

Stroll the streets of the white Tangier, they are lined with lime-coated houses. Let yourself be carried away by the dreamy atmosphere the covers the city. At the foot of the high walls of the Kasbah, roam through the alleys of the great Socco, and admire the fortress that dominates the Medina. A little far away, explore the Sultan's Palace which is nowadays dedicated to the arts of Morocco. Tangier is also renowned for the Spanish influence on its culture, starting with the arena that stands on the Plaza de Torros, not to mention the Cervantes theater built in 1913. Accommodation in a four stars hotel in the center of this amazing city.

Day 2Fez

On our second day of our adventure in Morocco, we will ride to one of Morocco's oldest cities. Fez. Right after breakfast we will leave Tangier and head towards Fez. We will touch El Aaiún (Chefchaouen) and Volubilis. We will ride 314 km, with shorter breaks and a longer stop for a well-deserved lunch. Our accommodation for the night will be a four/five star hotel.

El Aaiún or Chefchaouen, also known as Chaouen, is a city in northwestern Morocco. It is the capital of the province of the same name and is characterised by its buildings decorated in shades of blue. Chefchaouen is located inland from Tangier and Tétouan.

Fes is the oldest of the Moroccan royal cities and has been the country's capital no less than three times throughout history. It was founded in 789 by the first sultan of the Idrisid dynasty, although many of its most famous monuments date from the 13th and 14th centuries, when the city reached the height of its influence during the reign of the Marinids.

The Mauritanian capital, founded in the 3rd century BC, was an important outpost of the Roman Empire and was endowed with many beautiful buildings. Extensive remains of these buildings are preserved in the archaeological site, which is located in a fertile agricultural area. Volubilis was later briefly the capital of Idris I, the founder of the Idrisid dynasty, who is buried in nearby Moulay Idris.

Day 3Merzouga

On this day we will ride from Fez to Merzouga after breakfast. We will drive 461 km that day, all on the road. We will spend the night in a four star hotel. We will park our motorcycles in the secured parking lot of the hotel and prepare for a beautiful camel trek in the Sahara desert, where we will watch the sunset. We will spend the night in the desert in a luxurious four-star tent, the bivouac. In the morning we will have breakfast and watch the sunrise in the desert.

The next day we will head towards Ouarzazate trough the gorges.
Amazing slow ride, our tour will take us through the Dades Gorges on the way to see the Todra Gorge. Beautiful, picturesque scenery.

Merzouga is a small village in the southeast of Morocco, about 50 km from the Algerian border. The village is known for its proximity to Erg Chebbi and is a popular destination for tourists. It has been described as a "desert theme park" and Erg Chebbi as a "wonderland of sand". Merzouga has the largest natural underground water in Morocco.

Legend has it that Merzouga once flourished as a tropical jungle until it was transformed into a desert environment by God, who punished families for refused offerings to a poor woman and buried her in the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Merzouga was uninhabited, but later became a transit point for traders on their way to Timbuktu. It later became a place of pilgrimage for the nomads of the Ait Atta tribes and finally a tourist destination.

Merzouga has had ancient fortified villages for centuries. During French colonial rule, fortifications were built by French Foreign Legion troops after the battles of Taflalet, which took place between 1916 and 1932.

Day 4Ouarzazate

On this day we will ride from Sahara Merzouga to Ouarzazate. We will drive 444 km that day, all on road. Our accommodation for the night will be a four/five star hotel.

Ouarzazate, also called the Gateway to the Desert, is a city and capital of the province of Ouarzazate in the Drâa-Tafilalet region of south-central Morocco. Ouarzazate is located at an altitude of 1,160 metres in the middle of a barren plateau south of the High Atlas Mountains, while to the south of the city is a desert.
Ouarzazate is an important tourist destination in Morocco during the holiday season and a starting point for excursions to the Draa Valley and the desert.

The area is also known for its Ouazguita carpets with geometric patterns in red-orange on a black background.
The tiny Moroccan town of Ouarzazate is a caramel-coloured oasis against a clear, blue African sky. Get inspired by Ait Benhaddou, a beautifully preserved kasbah that's a World Heritage Site ( UNESCO ), or follow in the footsteps of stars and starlets by taking a tour of one of Ouarzazate's two film studios. Explore the surrounding dunes or simply enjoy the quiet bustle of the local markets.

Day 5Marrakech

On this day we will ride from Ouarzazate to Marrakech. We will drive 197 km that day, all on road. Our accommodation for two nights will be a four/five star hotel.

We will arrive in Marrakech in the late afternoon. After checking into our hotel, we will have our well-deserved dinner. While enjoying the local cuisine, we will watch the famous Chez Ali Fantasia show.
Every evening since 1980, the Chez Ali restaurant in Marrakech has offered its guests a folklore show with traditional songs and dances, fantasy and aerobatics on horseback. In a setting worthy of the tales of the Thousand and One Nights, Chez Ali Marrakech offers a traditional dinner between the imperial palace and the tents of the Kaida. Be enchanted by the legendary Moroccan folklore, eat, listen and participate in an entertainment program that reconstructs the ancient festivals of the Berbers. This unique and captivating show takes place in an arena typical of powder games: La fantasia. The restaurant Chez Ali Marrakech has recreated this custom in the purest tradition. Riders in baroude, with weapons and in traditional costumes storm the arena as in the days of battles and demonstration of power. It is about the mastery and knowledge of an ancient art and passion for horses.

Day 6Cascade d'Ouzoud - Marrakech

On this day we will ride from Marrakech to Cascade d'Ouzoud and on the afternoon back to Marrakesh. We will drive 319 km on that day, all on road.

Ouzoud Falls is the collective name for several waterfalls that flow into the gorge of the El-Abid River (Arabic for "Slave River"). This popular tourist destination is located near the village of Tanaghmeilt in the Middle Atlas in the province of Azilal, 150 km northeast of Marrakech. Ouzoud means -"the grinding of grain" in Berber. This seems to be confirmed by the numerous mills in the region.

The bottom of the waterfall is accessible via a shaded path with olive trees. At the top of the waterfall there are a dozen old small mills still in operation. You can also follow a narrow and difficult path that leads to the road of Beni Mellal. Descending from the gorges of "Wadi el-Abid" in a canyon, sometimes you do not see the bottom, which is almost 600 metres lower.

It is the most visited place in the region. In the surrounding area there are green valleys, mills, orchards and a magnificent circular path through the gorges of the El-Abid River. Many local and national associations carry out projects to protect and preserve the park.

Day 7Agadir

On this day we will ride from Marrakech to Agadir. We will drive 337 km on this very first day of the year, all on road. We will spend our night at a four-star hotel.

Agadir is a major city in Morocco, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, north of where the Souss River flows into the ocean. Agadir is the capital of the Agadir Ida-U-Tanan prefecture and the Souss-Massa economic region. The majority of the inhabitants speak Berber, one of the two official languages of Morocco.

Agadir, washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the pearls of Morocco. The sun shines here at all times of the year, and the city enjoys a pleasant climate tempered by the trade winds. In particular, the 10km long beach promenade offers tourists a magnificent view of the blue ocean and the opportunity to lounge in the best conditions.

The country's main seaside resort, the city with 300 days of sunshine a year, is full of activities. Right on the waterfront, cafes and restaurants open their doors for you, introduce you to local gastronomy and put their specialties to the enlightened judgement of your taste buds!

Day 8Essaouira

On this day we will ride from Agadir to Essaouira. We will have stops at Valle Paradise and Imsouane. We will drive 210 km on this day, all on road. We will spend our night at a four-star hotel.

On this day our first stop will be in this hidden valley often called Paradise Valley Agadir or simply Paradise Valley. It is part of the Tamraght Valley in the Moroccan High Atlas. It is a small oasis in the middle of a breathtaking mountain landscape.
This stunning destination is located three hours south of Essaouira and is often considered one of the best day trips from the coastal city because of its easy accessibility.
Today's trip starts in Agadir, the Valley of Paradise, from where we will drive to Imsouane.

Morocco's hidden gem, Imsouane, is quickly becoming one of the world's most popular destinations for surf trips. The beautiful scenery and two versatile surf spots make it the ultimate destination for surfers. Even though we will not be surfing, this quaint little fishing village is a must-see when you visit Morocco.

Day 9Casablanca

On this day we will travel from Essaouira to Casablanca. Our accommodation will be reserved in the four-star hotel Kenzi Tower. One of the most beautiful places in Casablanca. We will ride 372 km on this day.

Beautiful palm trees line the streets, the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon, large commercial buildings on every corner: Casablanca is the economic lung of Morocco, a pulsating metropolis.

Modern infrastructures are located amid charming neighborhoods, between Arab-Muslim heritage and legacies of colonial times. Discover all the possibilities: stroll through the Medina, one of the youngest Medina in Morocco, wander through the center with its art deco buildings and visit the Hassan Mosque II, a magnificent architecture on the waterfront.

Be seduced by the festive side of the city. Also take advantage of the cornice, the clubs and the festivals, such as the Casablanca Festival, Jazzablanca or Tremplin L'Boulevard.

The coast, lined with beaches with all comforts, invites you to the most beautiful activities that will make your stay even more enjoyable, from diving to jet skiing and boating.

The White City of Casablanca is a place where culture and quiet activities combine seamlessly.

Day 10Tangier - Back to the starting point

On this day we will travel from Casablanca to our starting point in Tangier. We will have our lunch in Rabat. We will travel 338 km on this day.

Rabat is a cultural city deeply rooted in history. Numerous masterpieces adorn its streets and squares. Visit the Kasbah des Oudayas, a majestic and magnificent architecture embellished by the surrounding gardens. Not far from the walls stand the imposing walls of Chellah, a necropolis from the Merinid period. Crossing the walls is like entering another world: a walk among ancient remains, gardens and storks.

Rabat is also a modern, environmentally conscious capital with many green spaces. Beautiful parks await you, such as the botanical experimental garden or the exotic gardens of Bouknadel, just a few kilometres from the city. Rabat has an exceptional coastline: on the Atlantic Ocean, there are miles of well-equipped beaches that go all the way to the neighbouring city of Casablanca.

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