A unique route designed to incorporate the best motorcycling roads in Morocco, crossing the Middle / High Atlas Mountains/ and Desert. Crossing the Atlas Mountains 2 Times, We take in the 3 main passes and follow some of the ancient trading routes to the Sahara.

Daily distances; from 140 Km to 300 km (with one 427 km day). A typical day's riding starts at 09:30 or 10:00 and we reach our destination around 6pm. We schedule in 2 optional rest days by the pool/ beach in Morocco When Booking you will also receive a route book with a detailed description of each day's ride, highlights, fuel points, meeting points, and accommodation address and telephone numbers. Our route is recognized as the best in Morocco and visits the highlights of the country on the best motorcycling roads. We visit the Sahara, Middle Atlas, High Atlas, and the coast. Riding conditions in Morocco are exciting and challenging due to the varied terrain, dry atmospheric conditions and strong sunlight, donkeys, camels, etc, High Mountain passes, canyons, and high desert plains.

Half board hotels 4 and 5 *. 

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10 Days, 3000 Km. 1000 Euro/person in Dooble room, 1200 Euro/person in Singel room, Half board hotels 4 and 5 *. 

14 Days, 5000 Km. 1300 Euro/person in Double room, 1500 Euro/person in Singel room, Half board hotels 4 and 5 *.